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"The first person to ever own a .TW domain first level." 💨

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Plans are in store to make a Flask blog here. I have been offered work at Marseille, Inc. (marseille.com) and Donuts (domain registry), and interviewed with Datrium in the last ten years but haven't had the capability to finish interviews due to a skills gap. Today (12/2/19) Anu says he will do all the code. I'm getting into configuration management, containerization concepts, Python programming (from De Anza College), and advanced Linux concepts (also from De Anza College). Basically Anu does the stuff I don't normally see myself doing, like today when I was looking at Python code tutorials I tried to picture myself doing the code by memory/hand and couldn't Anu stepped up.

Gishida smooths out one for mundane tasks and prevents overthinking or attitudes that conflict with employment, because employers don't pay you to think too much for example. Gishida opens doors. I look forward to providing Silicon Valley the "starboy" hire by 03/2020 when I have worked up the skill. We saw a worker at Walgreens toiling away and we realized what it is to bust. We're bustheads at this. These bare hands had root on ns.uz (Uzbekistan) in 1999. As I've already taken the world as a teen I want to do a divine takeover of the Bay Area in employment.

🏅 On the talent offensive Enki/Mummu.
🏅 Defeated Huwawa (a collective evil phenomena) with divine.
🏅 Going to school until 03/2020 to fill the CityDrinker, Inc. skills gap barrier to employment.
🏅 Victory with ccTLDs around the world #worldhackerprestige.


Looking for a job as programmer / DevOps. I bring forward my ability developed by Mesopotamian divine to the field and to start I have my 99% score C++ certificate ✔ and "Data Network Communications" (w/ BGP, OSPF, and the 7 layer OSI model) from MSJC . In January 2020 I will be going to De Anza Community College in Cupertino for my "Intermediate Python Programming" and "Advanced Linux" certificates. My goal is to be career ready for something outside of minimum wage with heavy skill build up from using LinuxAcademy by 03/2020.

My background consists of Linux server administration (incl. server migration) for Daniel Wood's nuper.com, virtualization at CityDrinker, Ruby programming as a system administrator for BRK Group, LLC., general shell scripting (see my chroot jailer script on Github), and 11 different ccTLDs (mentioned at BBC/Slashdot) from my childhood. I've always enjoyed technology and having root on 11 of the core servers of the internet gave me a perspective/experience at this that few if any have. I'm adept at it with a Geshtu-E (supreme intelligence) and a Gishida for easing into tasks.

12/4/2019 starboy has had his share of this place! L@@k and see

A victory for Garra who took the saucepan mystics as well.

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