★ Slashdot Systems Engineer

Professional Global 🌐 ccTLD Expert, Linux Administrator, and DevOps Engineer.

"The only person to ever own a .TW domain first level." 💨

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I am looking to work as I attain GED via adult education in Palo Alto. My qualifications are by experience/knowledge are: DNS/BIND (ccTLDs), MTAs, Python code, Jinja2, Amazon AWS, Git, MySQL/Apache backups. I am Linux fluent and can use the Vim editor. I'm practicing my skills on the PyCharm scratchpad and LinuxAcademy.com while integrating them on the side with employment. I still get some work from Daniel Wood (Nuper Technology / CityDrinker, Inc. some startup experience) but it isn't often enough.

I like making utilities and crontab scripts and would be an ideal job candidate for a job introducing configuration management (so I can advance in my career). I have spent many years on disability but made a "door" out of poverty for myself combining my experience with rare ccTLDs like .ER with startup experience from being "in the door" at CityDrinker but disillusioned by my life not having a Stanford Degree like my family wanted me to get (both aunts in Forbes/CEO Illumination Entertainment). So I went to Palo Alto from 2011 to 2018 and found myself on the streets for awhile. Of this I say that it was impossible to get through to my best level without Mummu. This time saw no productivity and in 2018 I met some divine friends that I communicate with via channeling.

I am trying to be a career networking insider with a way to elite/boutique startups or early stage equity companies. I think it is my collection of soft skills and personality that make me an interesting fellow to have around. I have to hide my truth (above) and put 7 years of CityDrinker on my resume/LinkedIn because there is somewhat of an armor on DevOps engineer roles called "yOu MuSt HaVe 5 YeArS DeVoPs ExPerIanCe AlReAdY" which is very frustrating but thanks for your understanding on why I do this.

11/08/19 - Computing: a first for the Mesopotamian divine.

Mummu-typed for advanced knowledge potential!

Career track goals:
Employable with new divine FFXI-tek: "Nyzul". Master of rapid skill ups. _

Transferable skills (LinuxAcademy certificates):

Core skills

  • Python programming
  • Ruby programming
  • Git
  • Containers/virtualization
  • Linux (Redhat, Gentoo, Ubuntu)
  • BIND / DNS and shell scripting


  • Mt. San Jacinto College - C++ ✔ 99%
  • De Anza College - Introduction to Linux
  • Mt. San Jacinto College - Data / Network Communications
  • Student at Palo Alto Adult Education - Local GED programm

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