The ★ Slashdot Systems Engineer

A seasoned global ccTLDist (with significant mention also at BBC/MIT)

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Delicate, delighted, precious, and amazing Mylitta and sharing CEVs (closed eye visuals)
Ereshkigal talks to Chuck about her ability: determination and attitude. Enlil sharpens caliber
Forged for DevOps by Misharu (iron will)



Welcome to www.starboy.me 💻 My website for hiring starboy (prestigious Charles Thompson).

Accelerate your DevOps with genuine Mesopotamian divine:

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Charles Thompson known internationally for hacking the planet as a teen by the BBC and Slashdot press has been into computers since the early nineties and is the owner of dankweed.com (for the future of marijuana legalization). Chuck is interested in full time jobs doing DevOps using his one year LinuxAcademy subscription at the office or in between commutes (Caltrain!) for his first sports car - the Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Sport AWD. Chuck stands strong with a high C++ certificate score and is the only one with global ccTLD experience to take on tech as a career. He is a student at Silicon Valley Adult Education but would work on his GED if he got a suitable full time job with medical benefits from his real hacking world record/system administrator experience plus he is connected in divine with capability.

Benefits of the Slashdot Systems Engineer

Charles Thompson

Core skills

  • Python programming
  • Ruby programming
  • Git
  • Containers/virtualization
  • Linux (Redhat, Gentoo, Ubuntu)
  • BIND / DNS and shell scripting

Would be good at doing:

  • Kubernetes / Docker / Gitlab
  • automation/test infrastructure
  • Build management (SCMs like git repos)
  • Artifactory or Gradle/Maven
  • ELK stack / Prometheus
  • Puppet / Ansible / Chef / CFEngine / Salt
  • Infrastructure as Code, Terraform
  • More BIND
  • More Git
  • More Redhat
  • More CentOS
  • More Ubuntu
  • CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins and other tools
  • ...all other Dev Ops methodologies/tools


  • Mt. San Jacinto College - C++ ✔ 99%
  • De Anza College - Introduction to Linux
  • Mt. San Jacinto College - Data / Network Communications
  • Student at Silicon Valley Adult Education - Adult School Diploma Program

Find him on Twitter, Instagram (business related), Angel.co, Github, and LinkedIn.

Email here to get in touch.

References available by request.

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