Charles Thompson

Slashdot Systems Engineer

A seasoned global ccTLDist, internet domain name, and cryptocurrency investor.
Also featuring significant/historical mention at BBC / MIT.

Resume or cover new/improved as of 09-12-2019 4:40PM PST.
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STARBOY was listening to STARGAZING by Travis Scott at adult school studying US history and its industrialization (railroads). He saw Stanford University on the screen after he typed it out and the atomoxetine peaked mid song. From there Nusku ★ took #academics. We learned inferencing in #LanguageArts. #acadamia #path



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Charles Thompson known for hacking the planet as a teen by the BBC and Slashdot is doing DevOps learning tools like Ansible, Maven, Gradle, Git, Vagrant, AWS, and Virtualbox while leveraging languages Ruby, Go, and Python. He is an adept proficiency in DevOps with a 99% score C++ certificate from Mt. San Jacinto College in Menifee, CA where he grew up. Mr. Thompson left CityDrinker to come to the Bay Area and find a way through Stanford University but instead found through hard knocks what was required of him to earn a place to stay, get transportation, buy clothes, and eat good food here.

As he featured "CityDrinker - Systems Engineer" on his resume he got a lot of calls for "DevOps engineer" in the area on his line from recruiters. It was decided that Linux and code could earn a living enough to afford the Bay Area. Chuck responded with a talent journey, obtaining the entry Linux certificate from De Anza College. He picked up a year subscription to LinuxAcademy to gain Python, Flask, and Ansible skills.

Chuck has the platform required (due to significant historical mention, 11 ccTLDs global '01) to boost himself to a figure status. Therefore it is ideal that he find a job in what he has an aptitude and strong experience for, such as work involving Linux systems.

Presently a student at Silicon Valley Adult Education and drop out, Charles Thompson would get a GED instead of the adult school diploma if he had a full time job in tech. He's got an aptitude for technology for sure, recently experiencing "STARGAZER" as described on his website at (a combination of dimensions inspired by Travis Scott's song "STARGAZING" and The Weeknd's "Starboy"). Getting into Python is easy with a remarkable effect from the Strattera®. If you want a distinct team player in your company that has had root on infrastructure around the world, then look no further than Slashdot Systems Engineer Charles Thompson.

Benefits of the Slashdot Systems Engineer


Core skills

  • Python programming
  • Ruby programming
  • General systems infrastructure
  • Linux (Redhat, Gentoo, Ubuntu)
  • BIND / shell scripting

Advanced skills

  • Kubernetes / Docker / Gitlab
  • automation/test infrastructure
  • Build management (SCMs like git repos)
  • Artifactory or Gradle/Maven
  • ELK stack / Prometheus
  • Puppet / Ansible / Chef / CFEngine / Salt
  • Infrastructure as Code, Terraform
  • More BIND
  • More Git
  • More Redhat
  • More CentOS
  • More Ubuntu
  • CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins and other tools
  • ...all other Dev Ops methodologies/tools


  • Mt. San Jacinto College - C++ ✔ 99%
  • De Anza College - Introduction to Linux
  • Mt. San Jacinto College - Data / Network Communications

A comment on tonight (09-05-2019)

"Well Ninurta has me. I feel blessed. I am still on top. Riding my way through LinuxAcademy and lifting. This site is temporary while I work on building a Flask blog.


"Redditor discussed how looking for a job was turning him into a "neckbeard". I agree that the search for a job in California's Silicon Valley as Dev Ops or Linux systems engineer has made me a very angry neckbeard-like and I've hurled verbal venoms around Twitter a bit, but I am toning down as I apply to new markets for work (Indeed). It's not like anyone follows me on Twitter anyways you'd think with 11 ccTLDs I'd be a figure with a following. It stings really bad when every single position rejects you, and I wonder why they interview me to begin with. It's like if you liked my resume you should like me, pretty much. I have had no luck with getting a job doing CI CD engineering on LinkedIn and Glassdoor has nothing new (says I already applied) despite my resume and cover looking better I can't reapply."

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References available by request.

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