Charles Thompson

Slashdot Systems Engineer

A seasoned global ccTLDist (with significant mention also at BBC/MIT)

About Mylitta (the next chapter our work!)

Two nights ago (the 6th) I was in bed with my eyes closed relaxing and Mylitta was absolutely delighted (I could sense her happiness) when I shared some delicate CEVs with her (closed eye visuals in my deep mind). This is to promote awareness of divine (especially her!) while also helping to strengthen my cause for employment. The divine continually remind me that I will make it to work eventually. The visuals we shared were pretty kind and they made her happy so I will look forward to having my cognition and performance enhanced by their power in my body/mind. Pazuzu gets with it sometimes, he can alter my motivation and such. I'm also taking Strattera with White Maeng Da kratom for motivation/programming function.

Enlil can see in my interpretations of how it is to function and be in DevOps/adult school. TO pass and graduate plus gain employment I trust that Enlil and friends will help me get on a level. Kratom is helping me getting me into actually PRACTICING programming. I'm into getting ahead any way possible. We're serious and I can function enough to do CI CD pipelines and do training with LinuxAcademy!