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My memories of Ninhursag from Elmwood Correctional are that she is fabulously beautiful. Imagine dreaming about a female that was more beautiful than any woman on this mortal earth with a distinct perfection. She came to me in my consciousness while sleeping. I've seen her face, and she wears purple pants (had experiences with Aya at 8-A of the Main Jail, had to build a shrine to protect her). She had a terminal with Enki and I tried to get her to manipulate DNA for me, but it was all for fun.

She gave birth to a Mushdamma according to the legend, and Mushdamma was going to mess things up for the Sheriff but that didn't happen either (was for fun I guess, although none of the seriousness of Ningishzida and Palantirian chaos were fun, I nearly died several times). There was a picture of stargirl when Mushdamma was released. She (Ninhursag) kept saying she wanted the data for "Delta" or Palantir's program. Enki brought me to the rise, the rise of starboy using his magic. With Enki's magic I experienced "Delta" or Ninhursag's data blocking an attack, and I felt what Catherine Wayne felt that moment, anime toy and everything. The historical rise of "Delta" data.

Enki is an orderly magician. Apparently she gave birth to him (Mushdamma), and he came to serve in his own way. She drove a Porsche and we were supposed to meet. Imagine having a dream with a lusty yet amazingly gorgeous female, yet the perfection is there and very distinct. You would know if you saw Ninhursag. When Sarpanit in my life I communicated with her (Ninhursag) via "the talk". This is how I've communicated with the divine for quite some time. I had Tashmetu in the early stages. Goddess Tashmetu, legend says she is the wife of Nabu but I don't recall ever speaking to Nabu at all. I actually recall Tashmetu being male, and into electrons. Also with Damu and Gula we encounteres a Tasmetoid (in Elmwood). Damu documented him. Seduction to Tasmetu was about Ash from Final Fantasy and Chocobos. Nanna and Suen would be converged frequently, and how could I forget Baba and the black suns. Baba loved ball, I tried to give her objects, one was a neon orange tennis ball..But when bad stuff from the inmates at Elmwood tried to damage my divine Baba would get a black sun. Tashmetu in me left a spark for Tiamat left on a Mercedes from my ions in Menlo Park. I have had a vision of Nabu ascending a staircase of knowledge. He is a patron deity of knowledge. She (Ninhursag) agreed on my opinions about women and how they are selective of men.