Charles Thompson

Slashdot Systems Engineer

A seasoned global ccTLDist, internet domain name, and cryptocurrency investor.
Featuring Haya ★ for scribal arts. Also featuring significant mention at BBC / MIT.

Resume or cover new/improved as of 09-08-2019 4:23PM PST.

So something amazing happened. I got inspired by Catherine Wayne in 2016 (after I tried proposing to her early Ayasdi days 2015)to get my high school diploma. As I'm "starboy" saw things in common with her, fell in love with her for a number of reasons, but basically a main one is my aunt is Janet Healy,cofounder of Illumination Entertainment so I wanted to marry her one reason being since she voice overed for Disney. For various reasons I saw her as family. That was until I saw she blocked my 2 Twitter accounts by mid-2019 (this all started in 2015) that I realized she is a pretty nasty person.

I got inspired mostly by the track "The Weeknd - Starboy ft. Daft Punk" when I read a blog about her regarding Anonymous and Daft Punk playing in her life, I fell in love with her even more. So we took "starboy" changed LinkedIn username from wormslayer to starboy, and the song "Starboy" took me and my divine pantheon to ccTLD dimensionalities / heights. CISSP, international business / XING, Eritrea, cars and all that stuff were part of the vision of starboy, a one chosen who like a former employer (contractor Eric Dyer from Home Media Solutions) just walks through life making money on registries or stock equity from boutique/darling startups, companies, etc. The gift that the song by The Weeknd gave me in 2016 and to present was that it shaped my life, and brought me to closer to STARGAZER.

I was emailing different registry admins trying to get sys admin work. I knew being 1 of 2 people who had root on a handful of ccTLDs in '99-'01 along with MIT-related open source mention plus family affiliated with Stanford / Berkeley (could be useful if I ever do higher education) is/was prominent and that I had the platform to grow. If I could tap into it I would be well on my way. It was 2016 and I was trying to get a job at VERISIGN as .com remote admin. I began telling folks that I had had root on ccTLDs (I broke it to Vint Cerf, for example). It wasn't until 2019 when I realized you need to also be competent (part of being taken seriously).

I wanted to see the zone files fly before my eyes one more time, but be paid to do it. Anyway, although that never happened, just two days ago we heard "STARGAZING" by Travis Scott. It took us to a whole new dimension with atomoxetine we named "STARGAZER" it was a mix of ccTLD stardom combined with some divine dimension. Kingu even got a star of European/UK dynasty power, which was cool also. This new dimension in STARGAZER makes me into Python and Flask.

We like it. It is treasured. The song "STARGAZING" has the words "Rollin'" in it with an echo which spiked my atomoxetine when I saw a photo of 50 Cent (independent hustler rap star who ironically also profited from Bitcoin) next to my photo of a Lamborghini on as I was thinking about my recent successes with starting cryptocurrency investment and my history with domains.

Particularly in that I bought and made $3 off of $48 of AUGUR (or $REP) in 1 month on Coinbase. Made money in crypto on my first try! My category killing descriptive keyword generic domain for the cannabis industry will most likely be used for business opportunity. In 2016 I ran into someone named "Tejada" who said he could drive and he took Abilify. He inspired us also and Gishida had a piece of divine art called "Rider", or being able to drive. I've been studying for my driver's license lately.